""V" Is For Vagina"
Vis4V Big
Artist: Puscifer
Length: 48:51
Previous release:
Don't Shoot the Messenger
Next release:
"V" Is for Viagra
"V" Is For Vagina is the first full length album released by Puscifer.

Track ListingEdit

No. Track Credits Length
1 Queen B M Keenan, T Alexander 3:56
2 DoZo M Keenan, B Lustmord 4:00
3 Vagina Mine M Keenan 5:35
4 Momma Sed M Keenan, T Cummorford, B Wilk, J Polonsky 3:24
5 Drunk With Power M Keenan, B Lustmord 5:01
6 Trekka M Keenan, B Lustmord 4:00
7 The Undertaker "Vagina mix" M Keenan, D Lohner 4:46
8 Indigo Children M Keenan 6:22
9 Sour Grapes M Keenan, J Polonsky, T Alexander 6:45
10 REV 22:20 (Dry Martini mix) M Keenan, D Lohner 5:08
Total: 48:57
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