""V" Is For Viagra: The Remixes"
Artist: Puscifer
Length: 61:15
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"V" Is For Vagina
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"V" Is For Viagra: The Remixes is a Puscifer album that contains remixes of tracks that appear on "V" Is For Vagina, all of them except Rev 22:20 and The Undertaker, as well as 2 remixes for Cuntry Boner. It was released on April 29, 2008.

Track ListingEdit

No. Track Credits Length

Indigo Children "JLE Dub mix" (by Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv)

M Keenan 5:24
2 Trekka "Desert Porn mix" (by LUSTMORD) M Keenan, B Lustmord 6:39
3 Momma Sed "Tandimonium mix" (by DAVE OGILVIE and Colin Janz of ESPER and Matthew Moldowan of 16MM) M Keenan, T Cummorford, B Wilk, J Polonsky 4:42
4 Sour Grapes "Late For Dinner mix" (by Danny Lohner aka Renholder) M Keenan, J polonsky, T Alexander 4:07
5 Cuntry Boner "Dirty Robot mix" (by Mat Mitchell and Troy VanLeeuwen aka Contradicktator) T Morello, C George 3:58
6 Drunk With Power "Hungover & Hostile in Hannover mix" (by Joey Jordison) M Keenan, B Lustmord 6:22
7 Vagina Mine "Deflowering mix" (by Paul Barker) M Keenan 5:11
8 Trekka "The Great Unwashed mix" (by Aaron Turner, Isis) M Keenan, B Lustmord 7:21
9 Queen B . "Glitched & Bent mix" (by Richard Devine) M Keenan, T Alexander 5:05
10 DoZo "Guns For Hire mix" (by LUSTMORD) M Keenan, B Lustmord 5:01
11 Queen B . "Narcovice mix" (by Michael Patterson) M Keenan, T Alexander 3:08
12 PSA, LOL!! (appears on CD version) 0:22
13 PSA, LOL!! (Lustmord mix) (iTunes exclusive) 0:27
14 Cuntry Boner "Disco Viagra mix" (by 8mm Sean Beaven) T morello, C George 3:51
Total: 61:15
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