Puscifer played in Tampa, Florida on June 11, 2012 at Ferguson Hall. It marked the second date of their Spring/Summer 2012 tour. The show was opened with a set from Carina Round.


  1. Intro (15 min. tour mockumentary w/Billy D., Hildy Berger, and Peter Merkin, followed by Major Douche)
  2. Maynard Monologue (about Sustainability)
  3. Green Valley
  4. Tiny Monsters
  5. Vagina Mine
  6. DoZo
  7. Toma
  8. The Rapture (Fear is a Mind Killa Mix)
  9. The Weaver
  10. REV 22:20
  11. Potions
  12. Momma Sed
  13. Oceans
  14. Monsoons
  15. Horizons
  16. Conditions of My Parole
  17. Man Overboard
  18. Telling Ghosts
  19. The Undertaker
  20. Tumbleweed (Three attempts, Carina sang Acappella for about 30 seconds)

V.I.P. Soundcheck

  1. The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover) (Lyrics: Damn my eyes - Jambi/Tool Reference)
  2. Balls to the Wall (Accept Cover)
  3. The Humbling River (Acoustic)


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