Artist: Tool
Length: 22:49
Previous release:
Next release:
Opiate (EP)
72826 is a demo tape by Tool. It was released in 1991 in very limited quantities, probably between 100 and 2000 exist. It is also referred to by the name Toolshed, or Tool.

Track listingEdit

No. Track Credits Length
1 Cold and Ugly Tool 3:50
2 Hush Tool 2:41
3 Part of Me Tool 2:59
4 Crawl Away Tool 4:49
5 Sober Tool 4:33
6 Jerk-Off Tool 4:01
Total: 22:49

72826 features six tracks. Two of them, "Cold and Ugly" and "Jerk-Off", were never released as studio recordings outside this demo. Instead, they were re-recorded live at the Jello Loft on New Year's Eve 1990, the band's second public show. The live recordings were featured on the band's next EP, Opiate.

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