Artist: A Perfect Circle
Length: 39:38
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aMOTION is a DVD–CD set released by A Perfect Circle on November 16, 2004, only two weeks after the debut of the band's last album, eMOTIVe.

The DVD consists of music videos for singles such as Judith, 3 Libras and Weak and Powerless as well as previously unreleased videos for singles such as Blue and Thinking of You.

The CD is composed entirely of remixes of the singles from Mer de Noms and Thirteenth Step. The songs were retooled by Danny Lohner, Josh Eustis, Massive Attack, and James Iha among others.

CD track listingEdit

All lyrics written by A Perfect Circle.

No. Track Remixer Length
1 Judith [Renholdër Mix] Danny Lohner, Joshua Eustis 4:24
2 3 Libras [Feel My Ice Dub Mix] Danny Lohner 4:28
3 The Outsider [Apocalypse Remix] Danny Lohner 5:28
4 Weak and Powerless [Tilling My Grave Renholdër Mix] Danny Lohner, Wes Borland, Joshua Eustis 3:05
5 The Outsider [Frosted Yogurt Mix] James Iha 4:07
6 Blue [Bird Shake Mix] James Iha, George Sanoff 3:56
7 3 Libras [All Main Courses Mix] Robert "3D" Del Naja [credited as Massive Attack] 7:16
8 The Hollow [Constantly Consuming Mix] Paz Lenchantin 3:39
9 The Hollow [The Bunk Mix] Troy Van Leeuwen, Josh Abraham 3:12
Total: 39:38

DVD track listingEdit

  1. "Judith" (Unedited music Video)
  2. "3 Libras" (Video)
  3. "Weak and Powerless" (Unedited Video)
  4. "The Outsider" (Edited Video)
  5. "Thinking of You" (Video)
  6. "Pet" (Video)
  7. "Blue" (Contest Winner's Video)
  8. "The Noose" (Live Video)
  9. "Imagine" (Video)
  10. "The Outsider" (Director's Cut Video)
  11. "Blue" (A Runner-up's Video)
  12. "Blue" (B Runner-up's Video)
  13. "Blue" (C Runner-up's Video)
  14. "Bikini Bandits Experience" (Trailer)
  15. "Bikini Bandits Save Christmas" (Trailer)
  16. "Bikini Bandits Sauvent Le Monde" (Trailer)
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