Chris Pitman (born November 16, 1961) is an American musician best known for his current involvement with hard rock band Guns N' Roses. A multi-instrumentalist, Pitman is known to play keyboards, guitar and drums, in addition to his role as a lead or backing vocalist. Pitman currently fronts alternative rock band SexTapes and performs with Guns N' Roses, and previously worked with such bands as ZAUM, Lusk, Replicants and Tool.

Pitman studied at the Art Institute of Kansas City and the University of Missouri. In 1993, Pitman worked with the controversial artist Les Levine. The following year, Pitman worked with Dr. Dre in Dre's home studio. He also joined Tool on tour and played synth on Tool's album Ænima. In 1995, he appeared on the album Bourgeois Kitten by Blinker the Star. He also formed a band with Tool drummer, Danny Carey, named ZAUM the same year. In 1997, he released one album with the band Lusk.

Body of WorkEdit

Chris Pitman has collaborated with a number of well-known acts, as well as founding a number of experimental projects.

  • XR4 - Vocals, electronics in 1982.
  • Replicants (BMG/Zoo) - Record of cover material by Pitman, Ken Andrews, Greg Edwards, and Paul D'amour.
  • ZAUM - guitar, electronics, and lead vocals with Danny Carey of Tool, and Marko Fox of SexTapes.
  • Tool (BMG/Zoo) - In 1994/95, Pitman toured with them and, in 1996, played synths on the song "Third Eye".
  • Failure - Contributed sound effects and sound mixing.
  • Lusk (BMG/Zoo) - Recording, production, mixing, mastering, lead vocals, multi-instrumentation in this Grammy-nominated band in 1996-97.
  • Sony Panic (DogFight) - Guitar and live software management with this L.A. experimental/improvisational band in 1997.
  • Blinker the Star (A&M & Dreamworks) - Contributed keyboards to the song "Kween Kat" of the album Bourgeois Kitten in 1996. Co-wrote the single "Below the Sliding Doors" in 1998.
  • Savvy Soviets - Production/collaboration in Rio de Janeiro in 2003.
  • Electric Company (Tigerbeat6) - Synthesizer on the album Creative Playthings. Played live with this Brad Laner electronic music project in 2004.
  • The Source of Uncertainty - Recording with Danny Carey and others in 2008.
  • SexTapes - Working with Kelly Wheeler, Marko Fox, and Ryan Brown starting in 2006.
  • Guns N' Roses - In 1998, Pitman joined this hard rock band as songwriter, co-producer, and instrumentalist.

Current WorkEdit

  • SexTapesTM: On ToneRiot Records 2008. Lead Vocals, multi-instrumentalist, Producer, with Kelly Wheeler (Guitars), Marko Fox (Bass), Ryan Brown (Drums) recorded at The Pass Studios (Hollywood).
  • Source of Uncertainty: Recording in 2007 - with Danny Carey (multi-instrumental). An Experimental project involving only pre-1960s devices.
  • Nowhere Man (Single) feat. Chris Pitman: On Rick Devin's Old School - 2" CD, Red Cloud Records Records 2011. Lead Vocals, Background Vocals, with Rick Devin (Lead Vocals, Back-Vocals, Guitars, Bass), Chet McCracken (Drums), recorded at Stray Horse Studios (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
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