"Indigo Children"
Album artwork:
Vis4V Big
Artist: Puscifer
Album: "V" Is For Vagina
Length: 6:22
Versions: Indigo Children,

Indigo Children (JLE Dub mix), Children of Dub

Previous track:
The Undertaker
Next track:
Sour Grapes
Indigo Children is the eighth track on "V" Is For Vagina. Remixes appear on "V" Is For Viagra and "D" Is For Dubby .


EMP from the mother and son
Tore the digital down.
Dawn now the age of the innocent ones.
The Indigo Children

Analog time piece, sky wide
Synched to the ticker inside
Move with the rhythm of the moon and tide.
The Indigo Children

Sirius, Venus and the lunar child
Giggle and the flames grow higher.
Dance in a circle round a central fire.
The Indigo Children

Wine, song, food, and fire.
Clothes, shelter, and seed.
No more need for the old empire
(When the) indigo children (come.)

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