"Message to Harry Manback II"
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Artist: Tool
Album: Salival
Length: 1:12
Versions: Message to Harry Manback II
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You Lied
Message to Harry Manback II is the fourth track on the Salival CD.


Stronzo (1), stronzo di merda (2)
I'm trying to take a nap but
I couldn't sleep overnight because of you
Ugh, you really hurted me,
Ohhhh you really hurt me
When I was high,
You called me an asshole?
Talk to me fai schifo (3)
Pezzo di merda (4)
Have you ever been trying to take a nap?
My heart beats too fast
Because I'm thinking of your fucking ugly face
You you suck
Fai schifo (3)
Pezzo di merda (4)
Fai proprio schifo (5)
Vafanculo (6), ah
Stronzo bastardo (7).

1 - Piece of shit / asshole
2 - Shit of shit / asshole of shit
3 - You are disgusting
4 - Piece of shit
5 - You just disgusted me / made me sick
6 - Go take it in the ass
7 - Bastard piece of shit / Bastard asshole

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