"Sleeping Beauty"
Album artwork:
Artist: A Perfect Circle
Album: Mer de Noms
Length: 4:10
Versions: Sleeping Beauty
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Sleeping Beauty is the seventh track on Mer de Noms.


I believed I could cure it all
for you dear.
Coax or trick or drive or
drag the demons from you.
Make it right for you, sleeping beauty.
Truly thought I could magically heal you

Far beyond a visible
sign of your awakening.
I'm failing miserably to rescue
Sleeping Beauty.

Drunk on ego.
Truly thought I could make it right if I
kissed you one more time to
help you face the nightmare. But you're
far too poisoned for me.
Such a fool to think that I could wake you
from your slumber,
that I could actually heal you.

Sleeping Beauty
Poisoned and hopeless.

Far beyond a visible sign of your
(I'm) failing miserably to find a way to
comfort you.
Far beyond a visible sign of your
awakening, (You're) hiding from some
poisoned memory.

Poisoned and hopeless.
Sleeping Beauty.

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