"Sound into Blood into Wine"
Artist: Puscifer
Length: 56:04
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"C" Is For (Enter Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here)
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Sound Into Blood Into Wine is the soundtrack for the documentary Blood Into Wine, which is about Maynard's vineyard and winery. The album features four new Puscifer remixes, as well as many songs that had previously been released in some form or another, most of which are directly from "V" Is For Vagina.

Track Listing Edit

No. Track Credits Length
1 Sour Grapes (Where's My Line? mix) M Keenan, J Polonsky, T Alexander 7:27
2 Momma Sed M Keenan, T Cummorford, B Wilk, J Polonsky 3:24
3 Queen B M Keenan, T Alexander 3:55
4 The Undertaker M Keenan, D Lohner 3:59
5 Drunk With Power M Keenan, B Lustmord 5:01
6 REV 22:20 (Dry Martini mix) M Keenan, D Lohner 5:07
7 Indigo Children M Keenan 6:22
8 The Mission ("M" Is For Milla mix) M Keenan 3:47
9 The Humbling River (Nagual del Judith mix) M Keenan, M Mitchell, T Alexander 5:01
10 World Up My Ass (7-inch mix) K Morris, R Dowding 2:39
11 Sour Grapes (Legend Of The Mix) M Keenan, J Polonsky, T Alexander 4:15
12 The Humbling River (Duet mix) M Keenan, M Mitchell, T Alexander 5:07
Total: 56:04
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